About De Kloof

The people at De Kloof restaurant are passionate about bringing together the finest food and wines.

We represent a movement against the usual culinary mediocrity and compromise. Our mission is to create memorable dining experiences that make you wonder why you missed out on good food for so long. We tend to go overboard in finding the best suppliers and we’d like to think that this is very noticeable when you visit De Kloof.

All our breads are freshly baked, our ice-creams and sorbets are home-made, our stocks are made in our kitchen, the sauces are crafted freshly by our chefs and the cuts of meat and seafood are sourced with obsessive attention to detail. We believe in using Free-range, organic and locally sourced meat where possible. Yes it is more expensive. But we don’t believe that feedlot beef or battery chickens & ducks taste they way real meat should, nor do we believe that the hormones and antibiotics injected into the animals are good for humans. De Kloof would not have it any other way.

Our executive chef and her team arguably represent one of the finest and most versatile new teams in the country. This allows De Kloof to change the menus on a monthly basis to ensure we only use the best seasonal ingredients we can find, and to keep our regulars enthralled.