De Kloof Restaurant

À la Carte Menu

All dishes have a suggested beverage pairing (small glass/large glass) but feel free to select your own pairing

 In accordance with fine dining, portions sizes are designed to allow patrons to enjoy a 3, 5 or 8 course meal. We thank you for choosing De Kloof, and we hope that you will enjoy your time with us


 ”Mushroom & Biltong” soup revisited”

Shiitaki crème soup, thyme jelly, onion crisp, onion & truffle mousse, Grana Padano profiterole

(Add wild boar coppa ham + 39)


L’ormarins vintage port 2014

A tasting of venison liver”

Blesbok liver parfait, berry duxelle. Impala liver & duck gizzard parfait, spiked cherry compote, butternut crisp. Eland liver pate, pickled onion & cucumber

Hartenberg Noble late harvest (45)

 “Cingale e buono”

European wild boar ravioli, black currant, sage crème


L’ormarins LBV 2014 port (35) or Wells Sticky toffee pudding ale (60)

Starter or Main


Coconut seared salmon, black spaghetti, sweet chilli. Snoek ceviche, sesame tuile.

Salmon gravadlax, beetroot carpaccio, miso mayo

115 as Starter / 230 as Main

Alvi’s Drift wooded Chardonnay 2015 (45/72)

                Paella deconstructed”

Prawns, saffron risotto, crispy chicken skin, bouillabaisse sauce, pea puree & shoots, prawn butter, chorizo, clam

111 as Starter / 222 as Main

De Kloof Sauvignon blanc 2016 (30/46)


That’ll do Pig. That’ll do”

Braised pork belly, pork cheek terrine, pea & chorizo croquette, jerusalem artichoke puree,

bacon & apple chutney, pineapple jus


Ridgeback Viognier 2015 (42/68)

Duck a’ litchi”

Seared duck breast, confit duck bitterballen, litchi duck jus, confit baby potato, crispy duck skin, bok choy & sesame


De Toren Delicate (52/82)


Harissa butterfish & octopus, basil gnocchi. Tempura oyster. Squid. Snoek gratin.

Smoked tomato & basil soup, paprika bok choy


De Krans Moscato 2016 (24/43)

Chicken bang bang”

Chicken breast roulade, onion stuffing. Chicken wing lollipop. Chicken thigh dim sum. Aubergine puree, black rice, chicken skim crumble, edamame


Doolhof Lady in White 2010 (46/73)


Roast aubergine paté, baby marrow, red & green pepper, rolled spinach lasagne sheet,

smoked tomato ketchup, tempura tofu, mushrooms, parmesan crisp, tofu puree


De Kloof Sauvignon blanc 2016 (30/45)

“Chef Phillip’s smoky beef”

Smoked free-range beef fillet medallion, sundried tomato, garlic & pesto stuffing. Impala & mustard cigar,patat & kaaing dauphinoise, demi-glace, spinach, confit onion


Allée Bleue Blue Owl 2016 (31/48)

 “Rietpan Oes”

Eland steak, wood ear mushroom & sherry sauce. Blesbok steak & kidney pie. Lentils, Rooihartebees biltong. Smoked peppers, courgette chips


Bellingham Shiraz 2016 (34/53)


“Tarte tatin”

Pineapple tarte tatin, salted caramel sauce, pine nuts, mascarpone ice-cream


Hartenberg NLH (45)

“Boring old Malva pudding”

Butternut malva fondant, butternut sorbet, nutmeg lavash, toffee-butternut puree


Hennessy VS cognac (35)

“Dark and White”

Dark chocolate soufflé, white chocolate gelato, honeycomb, peanut brittle


Patron XO (30)

Garden Brŭlée”

Lavender brŭlée, cardamom biscotti. Lemon Verbena brŭlée, mint crisp


De Grendel NLH (45)

Die maan is van kaas gemaak”

Baked Camembert on pumpernickel, mature cheddar fondue, Grana Padano cigar & cream cheese mousse, fig salami, lime marmalade, herb melba